Arts In Education

Bringing the Arts to Your Child's School

Division Street's Arts In Education program (funded by both the district and our PTA) brings music, arts, visual arts, creative writing, theater, dance, and other types of art to your child’s school through performances, workshops, and residencies. Arts In Education programs supplement the core curriculum. We are fortunate to be a part of a school and a school district that recognizes the importance of arts in education to motivate and enrich students.

In the past, we have had the opportunity to bring in musical performances, plays, authors, artists, acrobats, African drumming, origami and Japanese storytelling, a filmmaker, a portable planetarium, and a theater residency along with many other educational opportunities offered throughout the classrooms.

During Covid, we have been able to keep these programs going via virtual authors visits and virtual yoga.

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Current Programs

Our fourth and fifth graders Classroom to Concert performance was a great success! Thank you to Saratoga Chamber Players and Mrs. Ferrie-Healy for a wonderful show!