Yearbook Announcement!

Post date: Mar 01, 2021 11:39:17 PM


It's time for Baby Pictures and Shout Out Messages!

BABY PICTURES: Please email one baby picture of your fifth grader to THIS IS FREE. If you could please rename the JPG file with your child's full name and indicate in the subject line the name.

SHOUT OUT MESSAGES: For $10 you can have a shout out message included in the yearbook along with a picture. If it is a message from Grandma, you can include a pic of grandma with your child, but it can be any picture you like. Aunt Sally wants to get in the action, too? You can purchase more than one!! Follow the link below:

(Pictures will need to be emailed following the same format as described above but changing the subject to "Shout Out." If more than one is purchased, please number them.) DIVISION STREET SCHOOL PTA: 5th Grade Shout Out Messages and Payment (