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October 22, 2017

Dear Division Street Parents and Guardians,

This correspondence is in reference to the 11/2 and 11/7 movie days that are currently on the calendar.

The first three movie days are always run by parent volunteers from the three 5th grade classes, with the understanding that the funds from those movie days go toward the 5th grade field trip. This year the 5th grade end-of-year field trip is set for New York City. The first two movie days were covered by parent volunteers from Mrs. Hefner's class, and the one this week is being covered by parent volunteers from Mrs. Danz/Holohan's class. Unfortunately, we have not secured more than one parent volunteer from Mrs. Spatafora's class to help run the third movie day on 11/2 (four volunteers are required), and help is needed in finding parent volunteers. The other movie day funds (along with other events) are used to fund field trips for grades K-4.

The PTA is well aware of how early release days, Superintendent's Conference Days, and school/religious/cultural holidays in the first quarter of the school year impacts families, especially at the elementary level. Our solution has been to run these movie days so that parents can attend their Parent Teacher Conference for their child and be fully engaged in the important conversations about their child's learning, or to attend to other matters such as their work day or personal needs.

If we do not have parent volunteers to run the 11/2, 11/7, and future movie days, parents will need to make other plans for their children in order to attend parent teacher conferences, work, or attend to their personal needs. We simply cannot run these movie days safely without adult supervision by four parent volunteers for each movie day. 

If you can take the time to reflect on your schedule and indeed have the time to help others, it would be much appreciated by your fellow parents at Division Street School. Please email events@divisionstreetschoolpta.com by Tuesday night if you can help other parents out during this challenging time of year. We're all trying our best, we're all in this together - and together we can get through this!

All parents will be notified by this Wednesday morning as to whether or not we will be running the 11/2 and 11/7 movie days so that you can plan accordingly. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Connie Woytowich
PTA President, Division Street Elementary School